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About us

There is nothing more convenient than having an appliance repair corporation accessible and all set to help when the need arises. It is our pride to be this corporation for you! Aware that even the finest home appliances wear, we are ready to deal with urgencies and manage all kinds of problems. All you need to do is ask our assistance. So keep the number of LS Washing Machine Repairs and call us if you require expert and reliable service.

  • The experts come prepared to provide washing machine repair.

With massive experience in washing machine repair services, the specialists sent by our corporation have the expertise to recognize and fix most brands and all issues. Rest assured that they come completely equipped to give the requested service. Their vans have the essential spares to replace broken washing machines and so they can take care of any damaged appliance. Call for reliable appliance service now.

  • Every washing machine service specialist is licensed & experienced

Every technician is cautiously selected and has the experience to do each job with extreme care. Insured and capable, they can service appliances in the laundry room and kitchen. Thus call us if you require washing machine repair. Let us know if you have problems with the washer & machine or looking for specialists. An appliance specialist will come quickly to offer service.

  • Our Mission for Authentic, Friendly Service

We aim to assist first. We will do our best to help you with your repair before ever coming to your home. We want you to feel self-assured in our honesty and competence. Not everybody is comfy letting an outsider into their home, even to repair an appliance. LS Washing Machine Repair is a family-owned and runs a corporation that offers polite and friendly service to put you comfortable. We struggle to offer the finest, most honest service in town. We wish to assist you to find the finest solution for your appliance issues.


To generate repeat experiences that clients cannot wait to share with others.


To be the appliance service leader well-known for honesty and reliability.


We live our Code of Values by accomplishing the following


  • Treating other people as we would like to be treated
  • Paying attention with the intent to understand what is being said and recognizing that what is said is significant to the speaker
  • Answering in a timely fashion
  • Speaking peacefully, and respectfully, without bad language or irony
  • Recognizing everybody as right from their viewpoint


  • Making merely contracts we are eager, able and propose to keep
  • Communicating any possibly broken contracts at the first suitable opportunity to all parties concerned
  • Functioning in a liable manner:
  • Communicating fairly and with determination

Customer Concentration

  • Constantly struggling to maximize internal and external customer devotion
  • Making our best determination to understand and escalate the customer’s requirements in every circumstance.

Need Help ?

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